Russians explained why “free” lawyers call

MOSCOW, April 20 – RIA Novosti. Calls offering to get free legal services in most cases are fraudulent, says Andrey Knyazev, head of the Moscow Bar Association “Knyazev and Partners”. How it works, he explained in an interview with Sputnik radio. “The intent here is to lure a person into the office and get money from him. On the spot, a young girl will tell you one amount for services you don't need, and then a gray-haired old man will come out and say that there is a special offer for you personally with a lower price. It is pleasant for people, and they buy, “said Andrey Knyazev.

The lawyer advised to be wary when you are persistently persuaded and pushed to some action. You need to think about why suddenly someone will work for you without pay.

In some cases, people are really entitled to the free assistance of a lawyer, said Andrey Knyazev. But this applies to a very specific category of cases.

“We have free legal aid in cases of pensions, veterans, employment of pregnant women and, of course, in criminal cases, if a person cannot afford a lawyer. These categories of cases are strictly limited. If you are a pensioner or just an elderly person. person, then you should not be served free of charge in all matters, “Andrei Knyazev emphasized in an interview with Sputnik radio.

According to him, one should not enter into negotiations with those who impose legal services over the phone. And if you really are entitled to the free assistance of lawyers, then if necessary, it is better to independently choose a law firm that you trust, and not agree to the help of “telephone” lawyers. Россиянам объяснили, зачем звонят

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