Immunologist named a remedy for coronavirus with weakened immunity

MOSCOW, April 20 – RIA Novosti. What signs make it possible to understand that a person's immunity is reduced, and whether a weakened immunity can affect vaccination against COVID-19, Gulmira Bagdasaryan, an immunologist-allergist at the Russian Railways Medicine clinic, told Sputnik radio.

According to her, most often the symptoms of a decrease in immunity are weakness, a tendency to colds and frequent relapses of an existing chronic disease, pustular infections that worsen from time to time, as well as slow healing of wounds and scratches. Sometimes people complain of frequent, unreasonable fever and chronic fatigue syndrome, that is, fatigue, weakness, and low mood. All this in combination can be a sign that a person's defense of the body is weakened, Gulmira Baghdasaryan explained. To resist COVID-19, immunity needs to be strengthened with the help of vaccinations, the doctor said. It is compromised by the fact that, for example, he often catches a cold, often gets sick, that is, he picks up any viral infection faster than healthy people. Therefore, he must be vaccinated so that the next time the body is prepared. Moreover, in patients with a weakened immune system, the infection is more severe and it is better not to allow it, “Gulmira Baghdasaryan said.

She noted that people who are going to be vaccinated must be examined by a therapist who determines whether or not the vaccine can be administered. In any case, you can only get vaccinated when the infection or chronic disease is in remission. The same goes for allergies.

“There are no absolute contraindications to vaccination in the presence of allergies. The only thing is to be vaccinated during the period of remission, when the manifestation of allergy will not bother, that is, their” favorite “plant will bloom. In addition, taking antihistamines a few days before and after vaccination is one from the conditions of vaccination, “Gulmira Baghdasaryan clarified in an interview with Sputnik radio. Иммунолог назвала средство от коронавируса при ослабленном иммунитете The spread of the coronavirus

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