A lawyer warned of unexpected risks of losing your money

MOSCOW, April 20 – RIA Novosti. It happens that the seemingly simplest actions lead to a loss of money. Alexey Petropolsky, General Director of Urvista Law Firm, told the Prime agency how this is happening.

For example, telephone scammers who call on behalf of the bank and under various pretexts try to find out your personal data can deprive you of money. You should always call the bank and find out who talked to you and whether they talked at all.

Another way to quickly lose money that you have not yet earned is all kinds of “quick loans”. It happens that people take such loans by SMS for several thousand, and then they owe hundreds of thousands of rubles.

It is important to always read the contract before applying for a loan. “Remember that you can take money on credit or a loan only after reading the terms of the agreement, and the entire agreement. It should not contain any references to the fact that the full terms of lending are located on some website, portal – you will never find them Read carefully: if someone gives you money, you must understand to the last letter on what conditions it will be, how you should return it, in what amount, with what interest, “warns Petropolsky.

You can be left without funds by investing in the premarital property of a spouse or in property owned by a cohabitant. Even the mortgage has “pitfalls”, which you extinguish at the expense of the maternity capital – it is extremely difficult to sell such an apartment without a big discount later, he concluded. Юрист предупредил о неожиданных рисках потери ваших денег

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