Kirov authorities drained a puddle where residents staged a boat swim

NIZHNY NOVGOROD, April 15 – RIA Novosti. A huge puddle in Kirov on Moskovskaya Street, along which local residents sailed on a boat, was eliminated, the press service of the city administration reports.

Earlier in the local public “Place of incident. Kirov” a video was published of a Kirov resident swimming on a boat through a flooded parking lot near a shopping center on Moskovskaya Street.

“This section of the road is located in a lowland. On the afternoon of April 14, warm sunny weather set in Kirov, which led to abundant melting of snow in the areas adjacent to the road. It was decided to open a sewer collector and provide water drainage into it. The contractor also cleared debris from drainpipes. By nightfall, the situation on Moskovskaya Street returned to normal. Currently, water does not accumulate on the roadway, “the message says. Власти Кирова осушили лужу, где жители устроили заплыв на лодке

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