An application for submission of documents in digital form will be launched in Russia

MOSCOW, April 15 – RIA Novosti. In June, the RF Ministry of Digital Affairs will launch the GosDoki mobile application for storing and presenting personal documents in digital form, according to the ministry's website.

As the Ministry of Digital Science explains, at the moment many people store digital copies of documents in e-mail, cloud storage or on smartphones in the form of photographs. In particular, Russians keep copies of passports, driver's licenses, vehicle registration certificates and other documents in this way. , most importantly, in a secure way for the electronic storage of documents, “the message says. The application will start working in June in test mode.

It is added that it will be possible to use the application and provide documents in the form of a QR code using the State Services account, and digital duplicates of documents will always be relevant.

The department notes that the GosDoki project is being implemented within the framework of the Digital Economy national program, the cost of developing a mobile application will be up to 50 million rubles. В России запустят приложение для предъявления документов в цифровом виде

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