A map with addresses of underground shelters was published in Kiev

KIEV, April 15 – RIA Novosti. The Kiev City Council has published on its website an updated interactive map of the city indicating the addresses where underground shelters are located, which citizens can use in case of emergencies of a man-made, natural and military nature.

“To shelter the population of Kiev from emergencies of a man-made, natural and military nature, a fund for civil defense protective structures has been created. The fund includes civil protection storage facilities, underground space of the subway, basements of residential buildings, underground parking lots and other structures of underground space that can be temporarily used for For the convenience of informing the population, the Kiev City State Administration has updated the map, which indicates the address locations of shelters in the underground space, “- said in a message on the website of the Kiev City Hall. В Киеве опубликовали карту с адресами подземных укрытий

It is noted that the heads of organizations and the owners of the aforementioned structures, if necessary, will provide free access for shelter.

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