In Lithuania, pensioner dies immediately after being vaccinated against COVID-19 with Moderna vaccine

VILNIUS, April 14 – RIA Novosti. An elderly man in Klaipeda died in a clinic immediately after the second dose of Moderna vaccine against coronavirus, according to Lithuanian radio. “According to preliminary data, the death of a 78-year-old man is not related to vaccination, but it will be investigated in more detail,” said the chief doctor of the clinic Loreta Venckienė.

According to her, the man received the second dose of Moderna, felt well enough, and then he developed weakness … The ambulance arrived could not save him.

“We simply cannot imagine the cause (of death), we will wait for an investigation, but I think that this is not related to the vaccine, because there are no symptoms … No thromboembolism, no anaphylactic reaction … The patient, according to the outpatient card, has been a long time ago, several has been going to a doctor for years, and no illnesses have been recorded, “said Venckienė.

Within three months of COVID-19 vaccination (December 27 to March 31), eight post-vaccination deaths were reported, but not related to the coronavirus vaccine and 1,742 suspected adverse reactions, according to the State Drug Control Agency. for vaccines, which is 0.34% of the total number of vaccinations. В Литве пенсионер умер сразу после прививки от COVID-19 вакциной Moderna

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