A woman and a child died in a fire in an apartment in Lipetsk

VORONEZH, April 14 – RIA Novosti. A girl born in 2020 and her mother died in a fire in an apartment on the tenth floor in Lipetsk, two more children were hospitalized with carbon monoxide poisoning, the RF IC office for the region reported on Wednesday.

According to the investigation, in the afternoon of April 14, a fire broke out in one of the apartments on the 10th floor of a new building on Sergei Kazmin Street in Lipetsk.

“As a result, a woman born in 1984 and her daughter born in 2020 died, her two children, born in 2017 and 2018, were hospitalized with carbon monoxide poisoning. They are receiving medical assistance,” the statement said.

On the fact of the fire, a case was initiated for causing death by negligence. Investigators find out all the circumstances of the incident, the cause of the fire is established. При пожаре в квартире в Липецке погибли женщина и ребенок

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