The doctor named the main rule for ear piercing

MOSCOW, April 12 – RIA Novosti. Ear piercing is not a completely safe procedure. Alisa Sharova, a candidate of medical sciences, scientific director of the Chistye Prudy Center for Aesthetic Medicine, cosmetologist, told Sputnik how to carry it out correctly and avoid potential risks.

Many women do not even suspect that such a simple and widespread aesthetic “operation” can lead to unpleasant complications. They think they can even get their ears pierced at home. But in fact, the procedure should be carried out by a specialist with experience and the necessary tools, Alisa Sharova recalled. The craftsman will evaluate the shape of the ears and will be able to choose the correct puncture point so that the earrings hang symmetrically. “There are so-called adherent lobes when the earlobe is not formed. It is also very important to choose the right point from an aesthetic point of view, because the craftsman who does this must predict how the earring will hang to make it beautiful, “said the beautician.

Certain skills are required for the procedure to be painless and safe, she said.

“For example, when an ear is pierced, it is correct to illuminate it with a flashlight from the back to see the vessels. This avoids damage to the vessels, bleeding, severe hematoma,” Alisa Sharova explained. Врач назвала главное правило при прокалывании ушей

If the ears are pierced incorrectly, serious complications such as perichondritis (inflammation of the cartilage of the auricle) can occur. In addition, the appearance of ugly scars is possible, the beautician warned.

“It is now quite fashionable to pierce the entire outer edge of the ear, where the cartilage is located. Cartilage damage is a more serious procedure because it has a greater likelihood of complications in the form of perichondritis, the formation of hypertrophic or keloid scars that will disfigure the ear,” she said in interview with radio Sputnik.

Attempts to pierce the ears at home can lead to suppuration and poor healing of the hole, the specialist continued. The result, she said, can be very ugly.

With a qualified procedure, there are no age restrictions for it, says Alisa Sharova. Moreover, children heal faster than adults. However, in her opinion, it is better to give the child the opportunity to decide for himself whether to pierce his ears or not. Врач назвала главное правило при прокалывании ушей Said on the air

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