The State Duma responded to the demand of the Minister of Defense of Germany

MOSCOW, April 11 – RIA Novosti. Russia is not obliged to account to other countries for any legal actions on its territory, Elena Panina, a member of the State Duma Committee on International Affairs, told RIA Novosti, commenting on the statement of German Defense Minister Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer.

Earlier, the Minister of Defense of Germany, commenting on reports on the situation on the border of the Russian Federation and Ukraine, expressed the opinion that Russia should explain the movements of its troops. В Госдуме ответили на требование министра обороны Германии

The deputy recalled that senior officials and official representatives of the Russian Federation have repeatedly reminded Western partners that “Russia is a sovereign state and is not obliged to account to them for any legal actions carried out on its territory.”

“If NATO structures do not have enough information about us, then NATO should blame themselves first of all. The open skies treaty, which made it possible to legally conduct observation flights (inspections), was destroyed through the fault of the United States. The United States withdrew from the Don, forced Russia to do the same. This happened under (ex-US President Donald) Trump, and now, under (President Joe) Biden, the US is destroying even a hypothetical possibility of returning to the treaty by disposing of aircraft intended for inspections, “Panina explained.

She added that “if the European partners want more” transparency “in such matters, then let them send claims to the American” big brother. “

Earlier, Washington announced the escalation of “Russian aggression” and the movement of Russian troops in Crimea and on the eastern border of Ukraine. The US urged Russia to explain these alleged movements and announced its readiness to communicate. Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov told RIA Novosti that explanations were given to the American side last week. He noted that in the “tone and perspective” proposed by the United States, Russia will not conduct a dialogue, and Washington will have to be satisfied with the explanations it has already received. В Госдуме ответили на требование министра обороны Германии

At the end of March, the Ukrainian security forces announced that four soldiers were killed and two more were wounded during shelling near the village of Shumy in the Donetsk region. Kiev began to declare about the aggravation of the situation in Donbass. In turn, the self-proclaimed Donetsk and Lugansk People's Republics accused Kiev of exacerbation – according to their statements, there are provocations from the security forces, and the militias are opening fire back. Also, both the DPR and the LPR announced the discovery of dozens of units of Ukrainian military equipment in settlements. In addition, Lugansk accused Kiev of indiscriminate mining of territories.

Since 2014, Kiev has repeatedly made predictions about the actions of the Russian Armed Forces, including the allegedly planned attacks. Russian President Vladimir Putin previously stated that the Russian Federation is not going to attack anyone. According to him, the Russian threat is “an invention of those who want to profit from their role as a vanguard in the fight against Russia, to receive some bonuses and preferences for this.” Press Secretary of the Russian President Dmitry Peskov said that Russia is moving troops within its territory and at its own discretion. According to him, this does not threaten anyone and should not worry anyone. Russia has repeatedly stated that it is not a party to the conflict in Donbass, does not supply the militia with military equipment, ammunition and other assistance. В Госдуме ответили на требование министра обороны Германии

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