The meteorologist told about the weather in Moscow next week

MOSCOW, April 11 – RIA Novosti. Until Thursday in Moscow, the weather will be like in June: sunny, dry and up to + 22, on Wednesday the heat record may be broken, leading employee of the Phobos weather center Evgeny Tishkovets told RIA Novosti.

According to him, the phenological spring began on April 10, that is, the average daily air temperature steadily began to exceed plus five degrees, which means that the mechanisms of the widespread awakening of nature and the migration of birds started. Also, with such temperature indicators, an automobile spring has come, so you can safely change tires for a summer version of operation.

“Thanks to the solar anticyclone, the next five days, up to and including Thursday, will be sunny, dry and abnormally warm. For example, in Moscow by the middle of the week, even at night it will not be cooler plus 7-9, and in the daytime the air will warm up to plus 20-22, which 10-11 degrees above the multi-year norm and corresponds to the climatic indicators of June – plus 21.7 In addition, the warming will reach its peak by Wednesday, which means that there is a possibility that the record of this day, fixed by the capital's meteorologists on April 14, 1962 when the thermometers rose to plus 20.8 “, – said Tishkovets. Метеоролог рассказал о погоде в Москве на следующей неделе

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