CSTO PA mission adopted final conclusion on referendum in Kyrgyzstan

MOSCOW, April 11 – RIA Novosti. Technical shortcomings during the voting at the constitutional referendum in Kyrgyzstan did not affect the objectivity of the process of expressing the will, according to the final conclusion of the observer mission from the Parliamentary Assembly (PA) of the CSTO.

“The mission of observers from the CSTO PA adopted a final conclusion. According to its assessment, technical shortcomings did not affect the objectivity of the process of expressing the will of citizens,” the organization's official page on the Instagram social network says. View this post on Instagram

Publication from the PA CSTO (@paodkb)

Among the technical shortcomings, the CSTO PA called “minor shortcomings in the functioning of equipment and the work of polling stations.”

A constitutional referendum is being held in Kyrgyzstan on Sunday, polling stations have already closed. The referendum was automatically recognized as valid, the voter turnout exceeded 30%. In the draft of the new constitution, submitted to a referendum, it is proposed to introduce the institution of the People's Kurultai (Council) as a consultative, supervisory assembly, which gives recommendations on the directions of social development. It is also planned to reformat the institutions of the president and government. Responsibility for the formation and work of the cabinet will be borne by the president, and the cabinet will be headed by the head of the presidential administration. The document proposes to reduce the number of parliamentary deputies from 120 to 90. In essence, the proposed innovations mean a return from a parliamentary-presidential to a presidential form of government – it was elected by 80% of the country's citizens in a referendum on January 10. View this post on Instagram

Publication from PA CSTO (@paodkb)

In the elections to local councils, which also take place on April 11, more than 20 thousand people are fighting for seats in the councils of 420 rural districts and 28 cities. According to the law, there is no turnout threshold for local elections.

The preliminary results of the voting will be announced on the evening of April 11. The CEC should announce the final figures no later than May 16. According to the latest data from the CEC, after processing 90% of ballots, more than 79% of Kyrgyz citizens voted for the new constitution.

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