The doctor told about the symptoms for which one should go to the polyclinic

MOSCOW, April 9 – RIA Novosti. An increase in blood pressure, joint pain, a feeling of fatigue, a decrease in working capacity, as well as any change in the usual way of life is the basis for contacting a polyclinic, a physician of the highest category, director of the Directorate for Coordination of Activities of Medical Organizations of the Moscow Health Department Alexei Bezymyanny told RIA Novosti …

“There are symptoms in which you need to go to the clinic – this is an increase in blood pressure, this is pain in the joints, this is a feeling of fatigue, this is a decrease in working capacity, memory impairment. You should never tolerate this, if there is any symptom, you must and also when changing in the usual way of life – the person has dramatically lost weight, recovered sharply, stopped getting enough sleep, became irritable, nervous, outwardly changed, there are more hairs on the comb, skin rashes, a feeling of discomfort, pain, heartburn “, – said the Nameless One.

At the same time, he emphasized that there are also symptoms in which an ambulance must be called – chest pain, abdominal pain, acute headache. Врач рассказал, при каких симптомах надо обращаться в поликлинику

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