Drunk resident of Voronezh beat ambulance driver for refusing hospitalization

VORONEZH, April 9 – RIA Novosti. A drunken resident of Voronezh attacked an ambulance team that had come to him on a call and beat the driver when the doctors refused to take him to the hospital, the regional prosecutor's office said.

The incident took place on Friday night. The 21-year-old man, who was in a state of alcoholic intoxication, called an ambulance to the house on Moskovsky Prospekt, the arrived doctors provided assistance to the patient on the spot, but the young man demanded to be hospitalized.

“Due to a minor injury, he was denied hospitalization. Unhappy with this fact, being drunk, the man began to behave aggressively. Fearing this behavior, the paramedic went into the car and locked herself inside. Then the attacker pulled the ambulance driver out of the car. knocked him to the ground and caused him bodily harm, “- the prosecutor's office informs.

On the fact of the attack on the ambulance brigade, a pre-investigation check was organized, the course of which was taken under the control of the prosecutor's office.

“As part of the audit, an objective legal assessment of the current situation will be given, the victims and eyewitnesses will be interviewed, the necessary expert studies will be assigned, and other verification measures will be carried out,” the IC department for the region said in a statement. Пьяный житель Воронежа избил водителя скорой за отказ в госпитализации

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