Dangerous diseases identified by smell

MOSCOW, April 9 – RIA Novosti. The smell of the skin may indicate the presence of pathologies, said therapist Natalya Lazurenko.

So, a specific sour smell of the skin testifies to a metabolic disorder associated with an excess of toxic substances of keto products, she explained. “In particular, this smell can appear when a person, for some reason, consumes a large amount of protein food or with a high content of fat. “, – said the medic in the commentary to” Star “.

The sweet-sour smell signals the development of diabetes mellitus and is associated with decay processes caused by a violation of carbohydrate metabolism, Lazurenko warned.

The specialist also recommended to closely monitor the condition of the skin: rashes or changes in the skin pattern can be a harbinger of diseases of the internal organs. Названы опасные заболевания, которые можно определить по запаху

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