The financier told when to return to deposits

MOSCOW, April 8 – RIA Novosti. Bank deposits can save savings from inflationary costs, but with relatively low inflation and an average rate of 8-9 percent, Anton Rogachevsky, a senior lecturer at the Department of Banking at Synergy University, told Prime. The explanation is quite simple: now banks have no need for quick money, they have enough free funds, this leads to low rates on deposits, “the expert draws attention.

In his opinion, given the current macroeconomic situation and the key rate of the Bank of Russia, deposits are not the most profitable instrument for investment.

“The question remains when it makes sense to return to this instrument. In my opinion, it is worth waiting for the average rate at the level of 8-9 percent, provided, of course, a decrease in inflation,” Rogachevsky stressed. Финансист рассказал, когда нужно возвращаться в депозиты

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