Police in Primorye will check if force was used against a child in kindergarten

VLADIVOSTOK, April 8 – RIA Novosti. Police in Primorye are conducting a check on the statement of a local resident that his little daughter was beaten by a kindergarten employee, according to the regional Ministry of Internal Affairs.

A post was published on social networks with the words of the girl's mother. In it, she says that in a private kindergarten in Artyom, the director “threw her on a chair, pulled her hands, shook” her child because she cried and asked for her arms. Also, the author of the message attached a photo of abrasions and scratches on the hands and neck of the girl. The prosecutor's office of Primorye RIA Novosti reported that a check on the implementation of the legislation on minors has begun. his daughter, born in 2019, was injured by an employee of a private kindergarten. A check is being carried out on this fact, “the message says.

The juvenile affairs inspectors interview eyewitnesses of the incident, parents, kindergarten children and staff of the institution. A referral was issued for a forensic medical examination to establish the severity of the harm to the child's health.

The audit will be made a procedural decision. Полиция в Приморье проверит, применяли ли силу к ребенку в детсаду

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