Eight people die in Lithuania after being vaccinated against COVID-19

VILNIUS, April 8 – RIA Novosti. Eight deaths were registered in Lithuania after vaccination against coronavirus, they are associated with the age of patients and their chronic diseases, Rugile Pilvinienė, an employee of the State Agency for Drug Control, said at a press conference on Thursday.

Three COVID-19 vaccines approved by the European Medicines Agency – Pfizer / BioNTech, Moderna and AstraZeneca – are used for vaccinations in Lithuania.

“These were reports of the death of the elderly. The youngest patient is 69 years old, the oldest is 91 years old. Five women, three men. In our estimate, all recorded deaths were related to the age of these patients and chronic diseases,” Pilvinienė said.

According to the specialist, among the adverse reactions to vaccinations were several cases of fainting, which were associated with fever and general malaise.

“We have noticed some unexpected reactions … These are numbness of the face, tongue, limbs or even the whole body, there have been cases of increased blood pressure and rapid heartbeat,” said Pilvinene and mentioned one case of facial nerve palsy while taking Vaxzevria (the new name for the AstraZeneca vaccine) previously reported the same reaction to the Moderna vaccine.

According to the State Agency for the Control of Medicines, within three months after the start of vaccination against COVID-19 (from December 27 to March 31), 1,742 suspected adverse reactions to the vaccine were recorded, which is 0.34% of the total number of vaccinations (by 31 494,738 doses of vaccines were used in March).

“Four hundred and ninety-eight cases are classified as mild and moderate, 43 – as severe. Women have more complaints of adverse reactions than men, 428 and 111, respectively, the age range of persons from 19-92 years,” – said Pilvenienė.

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