The pediatrician told how parents can help the child to get sick less often

MOSCOW, April 7 – RIA Novosti. Children take an example from the family, so parents should be made to engage in physical education, sports, walk in the fresh air and eat right, the chief freelance specialist pediatrician, chief physician of the ZA Bashlyaeva Children's Clinical Hospital, DZM told RIA Novosti Ismail Osmanov. “This should be started literally from birth. It is timely and correct to assess the state of health, which is done even before the birth of a child in the process of intrauterine development, after birth, and subsequently strictly adhere to all those recommendations in terms of nutrition, sleep, stay in the fresh air. , in terms of bad habits and physical activity. In this, the leading role should belong not to the school, not to the teachers, but to the family. Usually children take an example from the family, if it is not customary to engage in physical culture, sports, then the child will not, if it is not accepted to walk in the city, in the fresh air, outside the city, in the park, you can't instill this in a child either. And the main thing is nutrition, “Osman said s, answering the question of how to help a child to be healthy and rarely get sick.

According to him, a generally healthy lifestyle is strongly popularized in Moscow health care. Therefore, the percentage of children leading an active lifestyle is quite high. Педиатр рассказал, как родителям помочь ребенку реже болеть

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