The former head of the bureau of RIA Novosti in Japan, Sergey Kotsyuba, dies

MOSCOW, April 7 – RIA Novosti. International journalist, Japanese scholar Sergei Kotsyuba, who worked for RIA Novosti for many years, died at the age of 64, his family said.

Kotsyuba graduated from the Institute of Asian and African Countries at the Lomonosov Moscow State University. Then he worked for ten years in the Japanese group of the IMEMO Information Department. For the first time, Kotsyuba came to the Novosti Press Agency in 1990. Subsequently, he worked in different places, but finally connected life with the agency in 2004, when he headed the Asia department of the Main Directorate of International Cooperation of RIA Novosti

Four years later, he became the deputy head of the agency's representative office in Tokyo, and in 2012 he headed the bureau and worked in this position until 2018.

Over the years, he has made a significant contribution to the development of contacts and the establishment of partnerships between the Rossiya Segodnya news agency and leading Japanese media and the promotion of the agency's products on the Japanese information market. He organized press tours to Japan, developed a site in Japanese, and often acted as a translator and commentator on Russian-Japanese topics.

Returning to Russia, Kotsyuba retired after a while.

“He brought up several generations of young specialists in Japan, including me. Young people have always loved him very much for his human attitude and openness. <...> Working with him has always been work with humor and laughter,” said the head of the International Cooperation Directorate of the MIA “Russia Today” Vasily Pushkov, who worked with Kotsyuba for several years.

The head of the Europe editorial board, Mikhail Turgiev, recalls his senior colleague as a person who was always ready to help.

“We crossed paths with him on Japanese topics: I studied Japanese, worked in Japan for some time. <...> I remember him as a person who was invariably benevolent and ready to help. He always met and could support and encourage. he always had some kind of story, and Sergei loved to tell them, “- said Turgiev.

“He was a passionate fan of rock music, which he became interested in in his youth. <...> He knew by heart the repertoire of the Beatles, Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd,” Kino “and” Alice “, – says the agency's project manager Matvey Remarchuk.

RIA Novosti's own correspondent in New York, Alan Bulkaty, who previously worked in Tokyo, speaks of Kotsyuba as a man of encyclopedic knowledge about the Land of the Rising Sun.

“All Japanese scholars and people associated with Japan knew Sergei Pavlovich as a man of encyclopedic knowledge about this country. He himself, not without pride, called himself” Tokyoko “(born in Tokyo. – Ed.) And was a fan of this country. The deepest knowledge in Japanese philology allowed him to harmoniously combine Japanese and Russian idioms and phrases.Everyone who was familiar with him, more than once heard sayings about “the boy Samosa” or “two mana”, – said Bulkaty.

According to him, Kotsyuba enjoyed a well-deserved prestige among representatives of Japanese political and public circles, was familiar with the famous Japanese director and artist Takeshi Kitano. At the same time, he always combined love for Russia and for his small homeland, Japan. Often he could be found telling another Japanese official about the work of, for example, Viktor Tsoi, Bulkaty says.

“During the Great Earthquake of 2011 in Japan, Sergei Pavlovich did not lose his presence of mind and from the very beginning to the end of the alarming events performed his duties, as the situation demanded. At the same time, he often set his junior colleagues as examples from the life of famous Japanese commanders.” Samurai don't do that, “he said when, against the background of the accident at the Fukushima-1 nuclear power plant, he was offered to temporarily leave the office. This is how he remained in the memory of his colleagues,” Bulkaty recalls.

Farewell to Sergei Kotsyuba will take place on April 9 at 11:30 at the Tsaritsyno Forensic Morgue at the address: Tarny proezd, building 3. The funeral will take place at the Zakharyinskoye cemetery.

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