The court ordered the Vladivostok mayor's office to give housing to a family who has been waiting for an apartment for 50 years

VLADIVOSTOK, April 7 – RIA Novosti. The court in Vladivostok ordered the mayor's office to provide housing to a needy family, for which the municipality has not been able to find a suitable apartment for 49 years, the prosecutor's office of Primorye reports.

The Vladivostok prosecutor's office carried out an inquiry on the appeal of a local resident about the prolonged inactivity of officials from the Vladivostok administration. find them an apartment suitable for the area, “- said in the message.

The prosecutor's office filed a lawsuit with the court to impose the obligation on the city administration to provide the family with housing under a social tenancy agreement. In the course of the consideration of the case, two family members died, in connection with which the required area of the apartment was reduced to 72 “squares”.

“By the decision of the Leninsky District Court of Vladivostok, the requirements of the prosecutor were satisfied in full. After the entry into force of the judicial act, the prosecutor will monitor its execution,” the department notes. Суд обязал мэрию Владивостока дать жилье семье, ждущей квартиру 50 лет

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