The analyst advised to buy gold

MOSCOW, April 7 – RIA Novosti. For those who thought to buy gold in their portfolio, now is the most favorable time. Gold is still unable to recover prices and continues to fall in price. The cost of an ounce is 15 percent lower than last summer's peaks, Freedom Finance analyst Valery Yemelyanov told Prime. “Gold is now cheap relative to its average annual values. Ounce twice tried to break below 1680, but it did not succeed, as a result, equilibrium was found at the levels of last year's May-June,” the expert explained.

He advises to increase the share of precious metal in his investment portfolio for the next 1-1.5 years.

If you buy gold in the form of ETF stocks, you can save on commissions. For more conservative investors, physical gold and OMC (more profitable than coins) are more profitable than bullion).

“Shares of companies can be considered the middle in terms of the ratio of risks and returns. They often pay dividends (at Polyus, for example, about 5 percent per annum), but at the same time the shares are more volatile than gold itself, as they additionally react to events related with a specific company. This can play both a plus and a minus “, – Emelyanov draws attention. Аналитик посоветовал скупать золото

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