Vegetables and fish have risen in price in Russia

MOSCOW, April 6 – RIA Novosti. In March, carrots in Russia rose in price by 14.8%, potatoes – by 13.4%, beets – by 11.2%, while cucumbers and tomatoes fell in price – by 25.2% and 7.4%, respectively, according to the report of Rosstat.

“Due to a decrease in prices for cucumbers – by 25.2%, tomatoes – by 7.4%, oranges – by 3%, fruits and vegetables became cheaper on average by 1.7%. At the same time, prices went up: carrots – by 14%. , 8%, potatoes – by 13.4%, beets – by 11.2%, onions – by 7.5%, white cabbage – by 6.7%, grapes – by 3.8% “, – reports the statistical department.

In March, millet fell in price by 0.8%, honey – by 0.2%, Among other food products, mayonnaise rose in price by 2.5%, live and chilled, salted, pickled, smoked fish, domestic salmon caviar, frozen squid, peas and beans, margarine, canned fruits and berries for baby food – by 1.6-1.9%.

In turn, boiled sausage, sausages, wieners, frozen uncut fish, salted herring, buckwheat and semolina, Hercules oatmeal, wheat flour, gingerbread, natural instant coffee, natural canned fish and with the addition of oil, curd cheeses, glazed chocolate, fruit juices, products of fast food catering establishments (“hamburger” -type sandwich) rose in price by 1-1.5%. В России подорожали овощи и рыба

Bread and bakery products in March increased in price by 0.58% versus February (versus March 2020 – by 7.71%, versus December – by 1.53%), cereals and legumes – by 0.72% ( in annual terms – by 18.61%, since the beginning of the year – by 1.51%), pasta – by 0.85% (in annual terms – by 11.63%, since the beginning of the year – by 3.17%) , meat and poultry – by 3.44% (in annual terms – by 9.21%, since the beginning of the year – by 5.96%).

At the same time, fish and edible seafood rose in price by 1.01% (in annual terms – by 7.19%, since the beginning of the year – by 2.61%), milk and dairy products – by 0.52% (compared to March last year – by 3.31%, since the beginning of this year – by 1.3%), butter – by 0.55% (in annual terms – by 3.9%, since the beginning of the year – by 1.21%).

“In March, there was an increase in prices for meat products, including chicken meat – by 7.2%, mutton (except for boneless meat) – by 5%, chicken legs – by 4.4%, culinary products from poultry – by 2%, 4%, beef (excluding boneless meat) – by 2.3%, beef liver – by 2.2%, pork (excluding boneless meat) – by 1.9%, “the statistical office reports.

Chicken eggs on average in Russia have risen in price by 5.3%, while in 14 regions prices increased by 0.1-2.9%, in 27 regions – by 3-4.9%, in 38 – by 5-9, 9%, in six regions – by 10-14.4%. The increase in sugar prices amounted to 2.1%, in 14 regions it amounted to 0.1-0.9%, in 36 – 1-2.9%, in 23 regions – 3-4.9%, in five regions – 5 -7.3%. In two regions, prices did not change; in five regions, sugar prices fell by 0.1-2%. В России подорожали овощи и рыба

“Prices for sunflower oil on average in Russia increased by 1.2%, while in 23 constituent entities of the Russian Federation – by 0.1-0.9%, in 25 constituent entities – by 1-1.9%, in 16 constituent entities – by 2-4.1%, in three regions – by 4.2-13%, “Rosstat adds. In three regions, prices did not change, in 13 subjects oil prices fell by 0.1-0.9%, in two – by 1-2.7%.

In December, the Russian government announced a set of measures in connection with the rise in food prices in Russia, among them – the conclusion of agreements on the stabilization of prices for sugar and sunflower oil produced in Russia. The agreements fix the maximum wholesale and retail prices: for sugar – 36 rubles per kilogram in wholesale and 46 rubles in retail, for sunflower oil – 95 rubles and 110 rubles, respectively. On sugar, agreements are valid until June 1, clockwork – until October 1, 2021.

“Food inflation, especially for meat, is associated with both the recent increase in prices for feed grains and the outbreak of bird flu. An additional factor is the increase in meat prices in China,” said Alexander Knobel, director of the Institute of International Economics and Finance of the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of the Ministry of Economic Development.

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