The Russians were offered three ways out of the debt trap

MOSCOW, April 6 – RIA Novosti. The debt burden that has become unbearable can be alleviated in three different ways, depending on the severity of the situation, says independent financial advisor Natalya Smirnova. She compared the pros and cons of these options in an interview with Sputnik radio.

According to the expert, first of all, you need to soberly assess your financial prospects for six months or a year. If you come to the conclusion that during this time your financial situation will probably not improve, then bankruptcy proceedings may become a reasonable solution. if there is a loss of job or disability, then the situation is stalemate. In this case, I would recommend filing for bankruptcy “, – suggests an independent financial adviser.

The downside of bankruptcy, Smirnova continued, will be that it will be a kind of “black mark” for a person: for some time he will have to forget not only about new loans, but also about career growth, and about independent business projects. After this procedure, he will not be given loans for five years, he will not be able to do business, and he will not be invited to a leading position in a particular area. Россиянам предложили три выхода из долговой ямы

So this method should be resorted to as a last resort, the expert warned. And, if there is such an opportunity, it is better to try to find a less radical way out of the situation, for example, to negotiate a loan vacation with the bank. “If the situation is not entirely stalemate and can improve in the next 6-12 months, or the family has at least some property, such as a summer cottage, that can be sold, then before the first delay on the loan, you need to go to the bank and negotiate a loan vacation.” , – said Smirnova.

The third way to get out of the “debt hole”, she believes, is suitable for those who have no problems with loan repayment, but want to reduce the volume of monthly payments. In this case, you can try to refinance – that is, refinance at a lower interest rate, concluded an independent financial advisor. Россиянам предложили три выхода из долговой ямы

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