In Tula, the prosecutor's office checks reports on the death of children after childbirth

YAROSLAVL, April 6 – RIA Novosti. The prosecutor's office began checking after the publication of a video on social networks, where several women tell how their children died as a result of unsuccessful childbirth in the Tula regional perinatal center, the regional supervisory authority said.

A video appeared on social networks where four women talk about their unsuccessful childbirth in the Tula Regional Perinatal Center. Three of them lost their children, another woman's child survived, but is seriously ill. Women believe that doctors are to blame for what happened.

“Based on the information posted on social networks, the prosecutor's office of the Tula region organized an inspection of the implementation of the health legislation in the Tula regional perinatal center. Based on the results of the inspection, if there are grounds, a full range of prosecutorial response measures will be taken,” the regional prosecutor's office said.

The Ministry of Health of the Tula Region, in connection with the publication of the video, said that each case of infant mortality in the region “is thoroughly examined in a medical institution and within the framework of departmental control at the level of the Ministry of Health.” В Туле прокуратура проверяет сообщения о гибели детей после родов

“Currently, the Ministry of Health is considering a collective appeal of five patients of the regional perinatal center. A departmental check was carried out on two appeals earlier. Civil cases on the claims of these applicants to the Tula Regional Perinatal Center are pending in court,” the department reports.

At the request of three more applicants, an internal audit of the Ministry of Health is being carried out, the report said. According to its results, appropriate measures will be taken.

“The regional Ministry of Health will make every effort to objectively investigate these cases and prevent similar situations in the future,” the authorities emphasize.

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