The Senator spoke about the requirements for organizing children's recreation

MOSCOW, April 5 – RIA Novosti. Children and educators, employees in summer camps will need to present tests for COVID-19, said the head of the Social Committee of the Federation Council Inna Svyatenko. “Children's camps have already begun preparations for the summer health campaign, it is planned that if the situation with coronavirus infection will be the same as it is now, or better, about four million children will be able to rest in summer camps, “Svyatenko said on the air of the” Together RF “TV channel.

According to her, in order for the children to be admitted to the camp, standard certificates from medical institutions will be required. “But as the coronavirus infection continues to spread globally, both children and staff will be required to test for COVID-19,” she added.

Svyatenko recalled that recommendations are now being considered so that employees who either have already developed antibodies to coronavirus, since they have been ill, or those who have been vaccinated, work in children's camps. “But this does not mean that those who have not been ill or vaccinated will not be allowed to such work,” the parliamentarian said. At the same time, she noted that getting vaccinated is encouraged. Сенатор рассказала о требованиях к организации детского отдыха

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