The prosecutor's office will check the legality of the removal of a child from a family in Sevastopol

SIMFEROPOL, April 5 – RIA Novosti. The Governor of Sevastopol, Mikhail Razvozhaev, instructed to figure out why the child was taken out of the apartment at night and taken to the hospital, without notifying either her grandmother or the guardianship authorities, and ended the apparatus meeting without considering other issues.

According to the governor, the Sevastopol police at night seized a 12-year-old girl from the house of her mother's friend, where she spent the night, and intended to send the child to an orphanage because of the unexpected departure of her mother. Later, the child was returned to his grandmother, on Sunday Razvozhaev visited them together with the regional child affairs representative Marina Peschanskaya. Прокуратура проверит законность изъятия ребенка из семьи в Севастополе

“What was the need to pick up the child at night … to take him to the hospital, conduct an examination? Neither the Commissioner for the Rights of the Child, nor the guardianship and guardianship service was notified. I asked the prosecutor's office to conduct a check and draw appropriate conclusions. Because there is no need to make such decisions about the child There was a grandmother, there is a place to live, the child goes to school, was with a friend, in a prosperous family, “Razvozhaev said during the apparatus meeting.

He criticized the doctors of the hospital, where the child was taken at night for examination, for the fact that they did not report the girl to the guardianship authorities. The governor also noted the inconsistency in the work of the police, guardianship and doctors and instructed to revise the principles of the work of the commission on minors' affairs and protection of their rights in Sevastopol.

“About the guardianship authorities, I generally keep quiet. You must report, first of all, to me. Conduct an inspection. Thirty people are parasites, the commission is a whole apparatus here … The commission must interact with the security forces and doctors, rebuild the entire system of working with children … Everything, this is the hardware the meeting is over, all the issues that were planned to be considered will be considered tomorrow at a government meeting, “Razvozhaev said, closing the meeting. Прокуратура проверит законность изъятия ребенка из семьи в Севастополе

The children's ombudsman of Sevastopol Marina Peschanskaya said in a comment to RIA Novosti that the situation with the girl's withdrawal was due to the unexpected departure of her mother; the girl had no other legal representatives. She called the night seizure by the police psychotraumatic for the child and noted the lack of relationship between the law enforcement agencies and the guardianship authorities of Sevastopol.

“The prosecutor's office of the city of Sevastopol is checking information about the circumstances of the seizure of an underage girl born in 2009, living in the village of Andreevka (region of Sevastopol – ed.),” The supervisory agency reported in turn. During the audit, an assessment will be made of the legality of the actions of officials in the conduct of measures to identify and record neglected and street children, as well as the effectiveness of interaction between the bodies and institutions of the system for preventing neglect and juvenile delinquency.

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