The Ministry of Defense told whether the coronavirus exempts from military service

MOSCOW, April 5 – RIA Novosti. Coronavirus disease does not completely exempt from being drafted into the army, after treatment and in the absence of complications, the conscript is again fit, the chief military medical expert of the Russian Defense Ministry Andrei Datsko told reporters.

If a young man is found fit for military service, he is sent to the assembly point, where he again undergoes all the checks in terms of health – a medical examination. If at some stage a conscript is diagnosed with a coronavirus infection, he is immediately referred for treatment.

“After recovery, if there are no complications, he again becomes a candidate for conscription into the Armed Forces,” Datsko said.

Answering the question of whether complications after COVID-19 can become grounds for complete exemption from service, Datsko noted that clinicians quickly learned how to treat this ailment and prevent serious complications.

“But what effect the transferred virus will have on the body in the long term, we do not yet know. Now the entire world community is carefully looking at the study of the processes. As new information appears, we are preparing changes to the governing documents,” Datsko said.

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