The lawyer named cases when your bank account may be blocked

MOSCOW, April 5 – RIA Novosti. The bank account can be blocked if the appropriate algorithms implemented by the bank in accordance with the instructions of the regulators (Rosfinmonitoring and the Bank of Russia) detect suspicious transactions, Alexei Petropolsky, CEO of the Urvista law firm, told Prime. , from abroad, transfers from those sources of income that are not standard for an individual, “the expert explains.

According to the lawyer, the algorithms will also not like similar transfers from card to card for several days in a row and frequent (in less than a day) withdrawing cash from the card from the ATM. The account will not only be blocked, but also require explanations if you transfer a large amount, and your official source of income is low.

“Also, there are more cases when the tax authorities send certain instructions. In the event of a large difference between income, a bank account can also be blocked,” warns Petropolsky. Юрист назвал случаи, когда ваш банковский счет может быть заблокирован

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