The doctor told what the refusal of Russians to vaccinate leads to

MOSCOW, April 5 – RIA Novosti. Refusal to vaccinate against coronavirus infection leads to further spread and mutations of the virus, which imposes a large economic burden on the national health system, the founder of the private medical network “Invitro”, resuscitator Alexander Ostrovsky told RIA Novosti. “According to polls, more than half of the population of our country believe that they do not need to be vaccinated. I cannot call it otherwise than the Middle Ages. People will be courageously and stoically ill, the virus will spread from one person to another, mutate, change, take other forms. All this has severe economic consequences. “, – he said.

Ostrovsky noted that, despite the voluntariness of vaccination, people should be aware of the consequences of their decision, therefore it is very important to popularize vaccination against coronavirus and explain to people that the danger of this is incomparably lower than the danger of the consequences of the disease.

“There is also a category of people who believe that you can not wear a mask, but this is akin to not wearing a seat belt in a car. People do not understand that passive safety by 60% reduces mortality and severity of consequences, disability in an accident,” he added the interlocutor of the agency.

He stressed that wearing a mask and maintaining social distancing is fairly easy. In addition, according to him, a person can easily control his health and prevent seasonal infectious diseases, and one needs to be in the hospital only in case of emergency.

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