In Moscow, a car collided with a tractor

MOSCOW, April 5 – RIA Novosti. A passenger car collided with a tractor in the south-west of Moscow, three people were injured, according to the Moscow Ministry of Internal Affairs. “At 32 Venevskaya Street, an accident occurred with the participation of two vehicles,” the message says.

According to preliminary data, a passenger car collided with a tractor, as a result of an accident three people were injured. Traffic police officers are working on the spot, an inspection is being carried out.

According to the Department of Transport of the capital in its Telegram channel, the driver of the car lost control. Reports that the car crashed into a public transport stop are incorrect: the stop was not damaged, the accident occurred on the roadway.

The main command of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Moscow, in turn, reported four victims who are being examined by ambulance doctors. A forklift and a car collided, as a result of an accident, a gasoline spill occurred, the fuel was washed away by firefighting and rescue units, the department informs.

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