The financier called protection against falling currencies

MOSCOW, April 4 – RIA Novosti. One of the most widespread and popular ways of investing currency has recently caused a lot of concern because of the volatility that has arisen, the growing threat of collapse and devaluation, Dmitry Ferapontov, senior lecturer at the Department of Banking at Synergy University, told Prime. currency is to form a full-fledged foreign exchange portfolio, since there are tools for this: non-cash transactions that allow you not to run to the bank to exchange Russian rubles for foreign currency. There are fairly stable currencies, for example, the Swiss franc, which is popular precisely because of the lack of high price volatility, “the specialist emphasized.

He warned to make up the foreign exchange portfolio from the last savings, you can incur serious losses on the exchange, selling at a rate lower than the currency was bought. According to the expert, long-term investment makes sense. In this case, investments will not be affected by short-term currency fluctuations and short-term consequences of economic and political news.

“You also need to understand the cause-and-effect relationships of rate fluctuations, which are associated not only with the action of regulators, but also with commodity markets and the political situation. In addition, you should never invest the last money in a volatile instrument, and also form exclusively dual-currency portfolios. investments, for example, in triplets: ruble-dollar-Swiss franc or ruble-euro-Chinese yuan “, – recommended Ferapontov Финансист назвал защиту от падения валют

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