The threat facing Russia is named

MOSCOW, April 3 – RIA Novosti. Russia needs to take urgent measures to avoid the global challenges posed by climate change. This was stated by experts interviewed by the portal.

Earlier, scientists from Cornell University found that since the 60s, humanity has lost 21% of the growth in agricultural production due to climate change. This is tantamount to the loss of productivity growth over the past seven years. As the authors of the study noted, despite the development of the agricultural industry in the world, it is not becoming more resilient to climate change. At the same time, the UN warned of an impending “catastrophe” because of this – the threat of hunger, according to the organization, is worth about 34 million people in the world.

“Huge efforts and investments in increasing the productivity of agricultural crops, including new technologies, genetic engineering, and others, no longer compensate for the losses from the frequent droughts and other weather and climatic events,” commented the director of the Center for Environmental Economics and Natural Resources of the Higher School of Economics. Georgy Safonov. Названа угроза, стоящая перед Россией

He added that climatic problems also apply to Russia. So, on the one hand, since 1990, the yield in the country has been growing, but in 2010 and 2012 due to droughts, agrarians lost 33% and 25% of the grain harvest. Natural disasters still harm agriculture, destroying land and crops, the specialist continued. He did not rule out that by 2040 due to climatic changes, the yield may decrease by 20%.

Alexei Kokorin, director of the WWF-Russia program “Climate and Energy”, noted an increase in the number of droughts in the Lower Volga region. According to him, this was due to global warming. He predicted a decline in yields in the south of the European territory of Russia.

“These negative tendencies also cover Russia, although, of course, this affects Asia and Africa to a much greater extent,” Kokorin said.

Safonov, in turn, urged to work already now on the strategy and mechanisms for adapting agriculture to climate change in Russia. Названа угроза, стоящая перед Россией The science

According to Kokorin, for these purposes, our country should introduce new technologies in agriculture and use new crops. He also noted that the situation for Russia will be generally normal if all countries fulfill their promises to reduce carbon emissions.

In Russia, measures are being developed and implemented to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and protect the environment. Thus, in November, President Vladimir Putin instructed the government to ensure by 2030 a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by up to 70% compared to 1990 levels and to create a strategy for the development of a country with low greenhouse gas emissions until 2050.

In February, a bill on limiting greenhouse gas emissions was introduced to the State Duma, one of the goals of which is to reduce the carbon footprint of goods produced in the country. Названа угроза, стоящая перед Россией

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