The President of the Russian Academy of Sciences explained why it is important for older people to get vaccinated against COVID-19

MOSCOW, April 3 – RIA Novosti. Elderly people in Russia must be vaccinated against coronavirus infection, because among this age category, the mortality rate from this disease is the highest; in addition, having secured themselves, they will contribute to the formation of population immunity in the country, President of the Russian Academy of Sciences Alexander Sergeev told RIA Novosti. will have to coexist with it. And vaccination against coronavirus should be, just like vaccination against influenza, which is carried out every season, “Sergeev said.

According to him, the Russian state is pursuing a very correct policy, seeking to protect the elderly. “The state understands that the older generation is the most vulnerable group in terms of the most unfavorable outcome of the disease, and is trying to protect these people from potentially dangerous contacts as much as possible,” the head of the Russian Academy of Sciences said.

But, if you do not get vaccinated, after the restrictions are lifted, older people risk becoming infected and sick, Sergeyev added. “Therefore, they need to be vaccinated,” he added.

In addition, vaccination of the elderly will help form population immunity to coronavirus in Russia, Sergeev said. “We have not yet reached such a level of herd immunity, which would allow us to“ extinguish ”outbreaks of the disease,” he explained.

Sergeev, who turned 65 last year, urged older people not to be afraid of being vaccinated against coronavirus and not to be afraid of unwanted reactions after vaccination. “I myself was vaccinated. And I underwent vaccination imperceptibly,” the head of the Russian Academy of Sciences said.

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