The expert explained the increase in electricity tariffs in Ukraine

MOSCOW, April 2 – RIA Novosti. Electricity imported from Europe is 3-4 times more expensive for Ukraine than for Russia, Artem Tuzov, executive director of the capital market department at Univer Capital, calculated for RIA Novosti.

Earlier, the deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Mikhail Volynets said that the Russian Federation is destroying the energy system of Ukraine by selling electricity at “understated” prices, the actions of the Russian Federation are aimed at “stopping and destroying Ukrainian mines”, as well as stopping the thermal power plants of Ukraine. As Inter RAO (the Russian operator of electricity export and import) explained to RIA Novosti, the company holds tenders among Ukrainian electricity buyers, where they themselves ultimately determine the price of its imports from the Russian Federation.

“Electricity from Russia costs for Ukraine 55-56 dollars per MWh (1.32-1.38 hryvnias per kWh), while electricity from the EU costs three to four times more. , which replaces the volume of imports from Russia with the purchase of electricity from European countries. At the same time, tariffs for the population are constantly growing, since January this year they have doubled, “Tuzov said.

“The issue of importing Russian electricity in Ukraine has long become a political rather than economic one. The former common space of Russia, Ukraine and Belarus is also one power supply system, which makes it possible for both Belarus and Ukraine to receive cheap electricity from the Russian Federation,” the expert recalls … Эксперт объяснил рост тарифов на электроэнергию на Украине

According to him, the share of Russian electricity purchased by Ukraine is very unstable. All imports from the Russian Federation stopped in 2015, but at the peak moments of consumption, Ukraine still bought Russian electricity. Usually, the share of supplies from the Russian Federation does not exceed 10% on the Ukrainian market. This winter, when, against the background of severe frosts, the Ukrainian system could not cope with consumption, the volumes were increased.

As stated in Ukraine, the share of Russian electricity in the winter months was 21%, and at low prices. “It turns out that Ukraine, one way or another, buys our electricity, because it is profitable, but at the same time the volume of purchases is small. Kiev, in spite of everything, intends to achieve the goal of completely abandoning Russian supplies, although this is a heavy burden on consumers. But It will not be able to completely abandon our energy, since at peak times it can get the required volume at low prices, “Tuzov added.

He explained that for the Russian Federation, Ukraine is not a key customer in terms of supplies, at the same time, for Ukraine, full integration with the European energy system requires large capital investments, which will hurt the budget. As a result, electricity from the EU will be purchased for the euro, which, if the hryvnia depreciates against the euro, will have a negative effect on consumers. At the same time, significant additional investments are not required to obtain electricity from Russia. Therefore, Ukraine's complete refusal to consume electricity from the Russian Federation seems unprofitable, first of all to Ukraine itself, he concluded. Эксперт объяснил рост тарифов на электроэнергию на Украине

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