A video of the detention of a Ukrainian nationalist in Barnaul has been published

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MOSCOW, April 2 – RIA Novosti. The Federal Security Service published a video of the arrest in Barnaul of a supporter of Ukrainian nationalists who was planning to blow up a mosque.

The footage shows how the security forces lead the man in handcuffs, and then put him into the car.

During interrogation, the radical confessed that he himself contacted the coordinators of the movement, because he was dissatisfied with the state migration policy. In early March, the curators instructed him to pick up objects for sabotage, and then arrange arson or other “actions frightening the population.”

The video then demonstrates the components of an improvised explosive device and extremist literature that the FSB officers found during a search of the detainee's home.

According to the service, we are talking about the Ukrainian nationalist organization “Ethnic National Association” (ENO). The man received instructions from the curators of the movement, in particular, he prepared “direct action actions” in places of mass gathering of Muslims, as well as near administrative buildings. ENO was created “to coordinate the nationalists of Ukraine, Belarus and Russia in the implementation of actions” of direct action “against persons of non-Slavic appearance and state authorities.”

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