Russian woman, whose ex-husband chopped off the brushes, is expecting a child

MOSCOW, April 1 – RIA Novosti. Margarita Gracheva, whose hands were cut off by her husband in a fit of jealousy a few years ago, announced her pregnancy.

“In the near future, there will be one more of us. I hope you will be sincerely happy for us,” the host wrote on Instagram. View this post on Instagram

Publication from Margarita Gracheva (@ margoritka1211)

At the end of 2017, Gracheva's husband took her to the forest several times, where he threatened to kill her. In a fit of jealousy, the husband cut off Margarita's hands with an ax, inflicting at least ten blows. The court sentenced him to 14 years in a strict regime colony and ordered him to pay compensation of two million rubles. Gracheva did not agree with this decision. Doctors managed to save her one arm, and a prosthesis was installed in the place of the second. Россиянка, которой экс-супруг отрубил кисти, ждет ребенка

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