Titov spoke about the sharp increase in the number of unprofitable enterprises in Russia

MAKHACHKALA, March 17 – RIA Novosti. The number of unprofitable enterprises in Russia is growing sharply, losses as a result of the coronavirus pandemic and other economic problems amounted to more than 3 trillion rubles, said Boris Titov, the presidential envoy for the protection of entrepreneurs' rights, the leader of the Party of Growth.

Earlier, the business ombudsman sent First Deputy Prime Minister Andrey Belousov proposals on new measures to support businesses affected by the consequences of the coronavirus, in particular, on a tax amnesty for a number of companies. more than 30%, more than 3 trillion rubles of losses – these are all the consequences of the pandemic and other problems that exist in our economy. We believe that the situation is becoming critically dangerous. Therefore, of course, the government must respond and provide assistance to business, “Titov said journalists.

He added that a number of measures are already being implemented, one of them is a three-percent loan. “We see that it also needs to be amended in order for it to be really in demand by the business. Implementation, the first steps, the first results indicate that the business does not really understand the necessity and effectiveness of this measure, “Titov said.

He believes that “we need both a tax amnesty and the cadastral value, which has been declared, but no decisions have been made so far.” In his opinion, the cadastral value should be frozen at the level of 2019, not 2020.

“It seems to be proposed by the government, but so far it has not. We continue to work in this direction and hope that the government will take a number of additional support measures,” Titov concluded.

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