The economist named the most dangerous period for the ruble

MOSCOW, 17 Mar – RIA Novosti. Currently, most of the short and medium-term factors speak in favor of the strengthening of the Russian currency. However, it is possible that a difficult period awaits the ruble in early May – mid-June, Alexander Kazansky, associate professor of the Department of Credit Theory and Financial Management at the Faculty of Economics, St. Petersburg State University, told the Prime agency.

According to him, despite the positive trends, factors such as the conclusion of OPEC + an agreement on the restoration of oil production rates, the third wave of the pandemic, which has already swept Europe, as well as increasing inflationary expectations in Russia, can play against the ruble. It is also possible that non-payments from small businesses and retail clients will increase, which will negatively affect banks and the rate of economic growth.

Many experts negatively assess the state of affairs in the construction industry. The effect of state programs to support mortgages has been exhausted and may come to naught altogether, which will mean a decline in demand in the primary housing market. This is fraught with unfinished and long-term construction in the regions. “It is extremely difficult now to name the period of the current year during which the implementation of various combinations of the above factors is most likely. However, if you set yourself such a task, I would call the beginning of May – mid-June. one cannot but take into account the sword of Damocles of the Russian economy over the past seven years – the US and EU sanctions, “summed up Kazansky.

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