Raab at the Aspen Forum to talk about the power of good in “Global Britain”

LONDON, 17 Mar – RIA Novosti, Maria Tabak. British Foreign Minister Dominic Raab, in his speech at the Aspen Security Forum on Wednesday, will warn that democracy is losing ground and the aggregate GDP of authoritarian countries will soon exceed that of democracies. “Democracy is retreating. In this decade, the aggregate GDP of authoritarian regimes is expected to exceed GDP world democracies. Just think for a second what this means, “- reads the fragments of the text of Raab's speech at the disposal of RIA Novosti.

“Tyranny is richer than freedom, and this is important for us here, at home. Since stable, freedom-respecting democracies are much less likely to fight, welcome terrorists or provoke large flows of migrants, and since, as a rule, they are not always with them, but, it is usually easier to trade and cooperate to solve our common problems, “the minister said.

Raab will set out his vision of what role Global Britain (as the British authorities call the country after its exit from the EU) can play in the world in the next decade.

“… He will emphasize the need for Britain to use its strength,” because without strength, without economic, military, diplomatic and cultural influence, we can not do anything, “the British Foreign Office said.

Britain's “power of good” should be used to strengthen global security and improve living standards, both in the United Kingdom itself and in a world in which democracy is losing ground, the Foreign Ministry said.

“Following yesterday's publication of the government's unified strategy, the minister will explain how this strategy will become a blueprint for the UK's foreign and security policy approach until 2030,” the British Foreign Office said.

“A unified strategy is a roadmap guided by our moral compass, our history and our current mission as a force for good in the world,” the minister said.

“From our inventors to our entrepreneurs, from diplomats and foreign aid experts to our brave military forces, all the people involved in the creation of Global Britain are united by the feeling that we are part of our common planet,” the minister said. It will make it clear that Britain's commitment to pursuing its ambitious strategy is underpinned by the recognition that the democracies and institutions on which they stand face the greatest threat since the Cold War, “the agency said.

Britain on Tuesday presented a foreign and defense strategy for the next 30 years, citing China as its main threat and pledging to actively counter the “full spectrum” of threats from Russia. In addition to promises of new global sanctions and threats to hold the Russian Federation accountable for violating international rules and regulations, the strategy provides for a direct increase in defense spending by £ 16.5 billion, an increase in the number of nuclear warheads to 260 and an expanded presence of the British military in different parts of the world.

By 2030, the British government intends to acquire everything necessary to monitor the entire outer space and defend its interests in space. To this end, the authorities want to finish building a cosmodrome in Scotland and start launching satellites from it in 2022.

London promised to continue supporting the liberal world order, named the United States as its closest ally for the long future, and announced a shift in foreign policy priorities towards the Indo-Pacific region.

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