In Yekaterinburg, a policeman who drove in a stolen car was fired

EKATERINBURG, March 16 – RIA Novosti. A policeman in Yekaterinburg, driving a stolen Toyota Camry, was fired from the police, Valery Gorelykh, head of the press service of the GUMVD in the Sverdlovsk region, told RIA Novosti on Tuesday.

Earlier, the Telegram channel Mash reported that in Yekaterinburg, an operative was caught in a hijacked Toyota Camry, which he was supposed to find.

“This fact was revealed by police officers from the internal security unit of the GUMVD of Russia for the Sverdlovsk region during the implementation of operational information. The vehicle in question will be transferred to the owners in the near future. The official suspected of illegal activity was dismissed from the internal affairs bodies by negative motives for a misdemeanor defaming the honor of an OVD officer. He will never be able to enter the civil service anymore, “Colonel Gorelykh noted.

He added that in order to prevent this kind of emergency with personnel, this case will be brought to the entire garrison within the framework of combat and service training.

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