Accused of murdering a girl in the Kuban was revoked the acquittal

KRASNODAR, March 16 – RIA Novosti. A court in Kuban overturned the acquittal of a local village resident in the case of the murder of an eight-year-old girl, allegedly revealed by signs left by him on buildings, the press service of the regional prosecutor's office reports.

In June 2016, in the village of Zvezda, her stepfather gave the girl a lift to the house, but she never got there. After her disappearance, a murder case was opened, but for a long time the child could not be found. In January 2020, in a neighboring village, inscriptions appeared on several buildings informing about the whereabouts of the remains, and they were found there.

Investigators announced that they had established involvement in the murder of 63-year-old local resident Nikolai Mishin. According to the suspect, it was reported that the girl ran into the courtyard of his house several times that day, which distracted her from work. According to the investigation, at some point, driving her away, he allegedly killed her with a hammer blow on the head, and then hid the body in a field. Law enforcement agencies reported that during the interrogation, the man admitted that it was he who left the inscriptions on the buildings indicating the place where the remains were found.

In November, a jury acquitted Mishin. They considered the events described in the indictment unproven. The defendant's wife later told RIA Novosti about inconsistencies in the case, the main one of which was the absence of her husband at home at the alleged moment of the crime. When asked about the likelihood of her husband giving testimony under pressure, the agency's interlocutor refused to answer, “so as not to harm him.” However, the Kuban prosecutor's office immediately informed the agency that the state prosecution did not agree with the verdict.

In January, the Krasnodar Regional Court found Nikolai Mishin innocent.

“Today, March 16, 2021, the verdict against Nikolai Mishin, previously acquitted on the basis of a jury verdict by the regional court for the murder of a minor in the Leningrad region, was canceled on the proposal of the regional prosecutor's office, the case was sent for a new consideration,” the Krasnodar region prosecutor's office said in the evening Tuesday.

The very fact of an acquittal in Russia is very rare: according to the statistics of the Supreme Court, if criminal materials are already considered on the merits, the chance of acquittal in a domestic court does not exceed one percent.

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