The expert predicted the growth of the “gray” market when installing Russian software on Apple

MOSCOW, March 16 – RIA Novosti. The possibility of the initial choice when installing software when launching an Apple device may lead to an increase in the cost of the company's products in Russia, which will lead to an increase in the “gray” market for devices, Alexey Ryabov, adviser to the president of the Center for Strategic Research, told RIA Novosti.

Earlier on Tuesday, the Vedomosti newspaper, citing a source, reported that the American company Apple had agreed with the RF Ministry of Digital Science to install Russian applications on devices when they are activated. According to the source of the publication, when you first turn on an Apple device purchased in Russia, the user will see a dialog box where he will be prompted to install applications from a government-approved list by default. In this case, the installation can be abandoned by unchecking the checkboxes opposite to certain applications.

“It seems that the provision of procedures for the pre-installation of domestic software could correct Apple's business model in terms of working with software, as well as in terms of selling the company's goods in the country. “gray market”, that is, the sale of goods imported into the country, but did not pass the appropriate certification procedures for the country, “- said Ryabov.

The expert noted that along with this pre-installation law, a transition period of more than a year was provided, during which the government, Apple and software companies, the pre-installation of which is mandatory, had the opportunity to develop a model of work that would not financially affect fans of Apple products. in Russia. “Otherwise, there is a risk of increased sales, for example, of” gray “iPhones imported from the European Union or the United States, and not certified in Russia, due to their lower cost,” he explained.

Ryabov explained that Apple, like other major global IT players, builds a business structure based on the principle of ecosystems. “In this regard, the agreement between Apple and the government on the implementation of the requirements of the aforementioned law will allow domestic programs to more effectively integrate into the company's ecosystem and ensure equal competition at the start of the struggle for the user,” the expert summed up.

In December, a law was adopted in the Russian Federation, according to which, from April 1, it will be prohibited to sell certain types of technically complex goods in Russia without pre-installation of the Russian software prescribed by the government. And in early January, the government approved a list of Russian programs for pre-installation on smartphones, computers and smart TVs sold in Russia. Among them are popular search engines, Internet browsers, postal services, social networks, antivirus software, online cinemas and other types of software.

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