The expert appreciated the intentions of London to increase the ceilings of nuclear arsenals

MOSCOW, March 16 – RIA Novosti. Great Britain was the first of the nuclear five states to announce its intention to increase the ceilings of nuclear arsenals, despite the fact that there are no objective reasons for such a step in the form of tangible threats to London, Andrei Baklitsky, senior researcher at the Moscow State Institute of International Studies, Moscow State Institute of International Relations, PIR Center consultant, told RIA Novosti …

Earlier on Tuesday, the UK government released a defense and foreign policy strategy that announced an unprecedented increase in defense spending and plans to increase the number of nuclear warheads to 260. In the 2010s, the British government promised to reduce the number of nuclear warheads from 225 to at least by the mid-2020s. than 180.

In the strategy itself, there is a mention of London's earlier intentions, but further there is no clear explanation of why the decision was made to abandon plans to reduce, Baklitsky notes.

“They do not give any reasonable reasons for this. In general, if you look at the document, there is a feeling that the UK is, in principle, moving towards reducing transparency – they stop publishing figures on how many nuclear weapons they have under these ceilings. Apparently, they have changed their approach to nuclear forces.Why do this, it is not very clear, maybe in the context of the general exit from the EU and the search for its place in the new world, in order to show in the same context that it is still a nuclear power, which seeks to maximize the effectiveness of its nuclear arsenal. But, once again, there are no reasonable and understandable reasons why all this needs to be changed right now, “the expert said.

He added that London's actions raise many questions in the context of the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons (NPT). “The UK will, of course, continue to say that it has the smallest nuclear forces and that it remains committed to all disarmament goals. in general, it became the first of the nuclear five countries among those who know the indicators of nuclear forces, who declare that they will increase them. This, of course, is a wake-up call. I am sure that other countries will use this in their statements, in that including China, if comments on the build-up of nuclear arsenals are addressed to it, “Baklitsky said.

According to him, both the countries of the nuclear “five” and non-nuclear states will be able to present their claims, including within the framework of the NPT review conference scheduled for August. “They will be able to accuse the UK of violating, among other things, its obligation under Article 6 of the treaty. In general, there will be many questions to the UK in this review cycle,” the expert summed up.

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