Spring driving features revealed

MOSCOW, March 16 – RIA Novosti. What is worth checking in your car in the spring, especially if you did not drive in the winter, Sergei Kanaev, director of the National Public Center for Traffic Safety, a member of the coordination council of the Federation of Car Owners of Russia, told Sputnik radio.

With the onset of spring, “snowdrops” appear on the roads – drivers who prefer not to drive in winter, but leave the car for a few months on a joke.

During a long downtime, the car could have problems, so before the first exit, it is imperative to check everything, Kanaev warned.

“At least, are the discs rusted somewhere, because many people park the car on the street. Even if it is indoors, it also happens that the discs get rusty, and the car cannot even move for a while. Many cars are deflated.” tires for the winter. It is necessary to check the level of all fluids, especially the brake, steering, be sure to check the lighting devices: headlights, turn, alarm “, – advises the director of the National Public Center for Traffic Safety.

It is also necessary to pay attention to the state of the first-aid kit, whether it has everything that is supposed to be in it, Kanaev recalled.

But getting the car ready is half the battle. As the expert emphasized, the most important thing when you get behind the wheel after a long break is to re-experience the car and get comfortable with the situation on the road, where you can face traffic jams, accidents, and rudeness.

“This all plays an even greater role than preparing the car. People who have not driven a car for six months can start to get nervous, and accidents occur in this regard, which is shown by practice on our roads. People drive slowly, carefully, rebuild, it is unnerving other road users, there is a massive psychosis, rudeness. Therefore, patience, attention, calmness on the road cannot be replaced by anything, “Kanaev said in an interview with Sputnik radio.

To feel more confident on a trip, you should familiarize yourself in advance with information about new junctions on familiar routes, as well as new road signs, the auto expert advised.

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