Six little-known features of the Google Chrome browser named

MOSCOW, March 16 – RIA Novosti. The Google Chrome browser has six little-known features of the Google Chrome browser. Al Jazeera drew attention to them.

If you need to lend your computer to another person, it is recommended to enable guest mode, thanks to which the other user will not be able to view the history of search queries. To do this, you need to click on the profile picture of your Google account in the upper right corner, and then select the guest mode.

Another feature is the ability, thanks to Google Chrome, to play audio and video files in popular formats without special programs. To do this, just drag the document into a new tab.

One of the latest features added to the browser is the ability to group tabs using different colors and labels. The menu for this function will open when you right-click on any open tab and select Add Tab to New Group.

The browser also allows you to send tabs of interest to the user to other devices. When you right-click on the URL in the bar at the top of the Chrome interface, an option “Send to Your Devices” appears, clicking on which you can choose which gadget or computer to send the tab to.

“Your devices” is any device on which you have installed the Chrome browser and signed in with your Google account.

Another feature is the ability to continue browsing the tab from the last reading position when the browser is turned off. This option is activated in the browser menu, where you need to select “Settings” and then “Continue from where you left off”.

Also, the browser has the ability to change its default theme, which is also done through the “Settings” in the menu.

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