Police in Tatarstan suspected of being forced to take drugs

KAZAN, March 16 – RIA Novosti. Internal security officers of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Tatarstan stopped the illegal activities of four employees of the patrol and guard service, suspected of forcing a resident of the republic to produce and consume drugs, the Ministry of Internal Affairs reports.

“It was preliminarily established that four officers of the patrol service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia in the Almetyevsk region were involved in forcing a citizen to manufacture and consume drugs with the aim of further falsifying administrative and criminal cases against him,” the message says.

The materials collected by the operatives of their own security were transferred to the SUSK RF for Tatarstan for making a procedural decision.

At present, an official check is being carried out on this fact. It is noted that in case of confirmation of the guilt of employees, they will be dismissed from the internal affairs bodies on negative grounds and will be punished in accordance with the procedure established by law, and their immediate supervisors will be brought to strict disciplinary responsibility.

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