In Russia, the share of approved mortgages fell to a four-year low

MOSCOW, March 16 – RIA Novosti. The share of mortgages approved to Russians fell to a minimum in four years, RBC reported, citing data from analysts from the National Bureau of Credit Histories.

According to estimates, in February, more than a third of those wishing to buy housing on credit faced with refusals from banks. The share of satisfied applications was 63.8 percent, last time a similar indicator (63.9 percent) was recorded in February 2017.

Experts emphasize that over the past year, Russian banks have tightened the requirements for approving mortgages several times. As a possible reason for this trend, experts point to the growing uncertainty, the rise in the cost of housing and the fall in the number of solvent citizens.

At the same time, the NBCH suggested that the share of rejected applications is also growing due to the influx of “frivolous applications”, which could lead to the active development of online channels for mortgage sales.

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