In LPR blame for the crash of the Il-76 on the Ukrainian command

LUGANSK, 16 Mar – RIA Novosti. The blame for the crash of the Il-76 plane in Donbass in 2014 and the death of 49 people on board lies entirely with the Ukrainian command, former official representative of the People's Militia of the self-proclaimed Luhansk People's Republic Andrei Marochko told RIA Novosti.

On Tuesday, the Krasnogvardeisky District Court of Dnipro sentenced in absentia to life imprisonment the ex-head of the self-proclaimed Luhansk People's Republic Igor Plotnitsky in the case of the IL-76 crash in 2014 in Donbass.

“Even Valery Bolotov (in June 2014 he served as the head of the LPR – ed.) Said that the airspace over the Luhansk People's Republic is closed, and if it is violated, any intruder will be shot down,” Marochko explained.

According to him, in view of the escalation of the conflict and the LPR already at that time faced air attacks from the Ukrainian security forces, “an attack on this aircraft would not be considered a crime, even if Plotnitsky himself was directly involved.” According to Marochko, this plane posed a threat to all civilians.

“We all remember and know how rapidly the events developed at that time. The strengthening of the contingent (the military contingent of Ukraine – ed.) On the territory of the Luhansk airport promised great losses both among the militia and civilians, since they (the Ukrainian security forces, – ed.) Came here flew not for a walk, but to kill civilians, “added the ex-representative of the republic's defense department.

According to him, the Ukrainian military leadership knew very well that the forces of the militia at that time had already taken possession of the means that allowed them to destroy such targets. “Entirely and entirely responsibility for the death of these military lies with the Ukrainian authorities and those commanders who gave the order to take off this vehicle and move these paratroopers to the territory of the LPR. Sending this board was a deliberately failed idea, which led to a large number of victims among the Ukrainian soldiers. “, – added Marochko.

In June 2014, a Ukrainian Il-76 military aircraft was shot down near the Luhansk airport, killing 40 paratroopers and nine crew members. The security forces involved in the special operation said that the plane was shot down by militias. At the end of March 2017, a court in the Dnipropetrovsk region sentenced Major General of the General Staff of Ukraine Viktor Nazarov to seven years in prison, found guilty of negligence in military service, which caused the plane crash. He filed an appeal, but lost it.

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