IAEA head appreciates the possibility of the United States returning to a nuclear deal

VIENNA, March 16 – RIA Novosti. Returning the United States to the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) on Iran's nuclear program is difficult, but not impossible, IAEA Director General Rafael Grossi said Tuesday.

“As for the decision on the United States. I would say I see them coming back. This is what they tell me when I talk with the Secretary of State, their ambassador to Iran. They tell me that they want to return. But, of course, there are a number of issues that still require clarification. This is not impossible, difficult, but not impossible, “- said Grossi, answering questions by video link to the questions of MEPs at a meeting of three committees.

The Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, concluded in 2015 by the Six (Great Britain, Germany, China, Russia, USA, France) and Iran, envisaging the lifting of sanctions in exchange for limiting Iran's nuclear program as a guarantor of Tehran's non-receipt of nuclear weapons, did not last even three years: in May 2018, the United States announced a unilateral withdrawal from it and the restoration of tough sanctions against Tehran.

Iran in 2019 – exactly one year after the US withdrew from the deal – announced a phased reduction of its obligations under the agreement, abandoning restrictions in nuclear research, centrifuges, and the level of uranium enrichment. At the end of 2020, a law entered into force in Iran obliging to start production of highly enriched uranium (from 20%), start using more powerful centrifuges that go beyond the provisions of the deal, and abandon expanded IAEA checks if Tehran is unable to freely trade oil and carry out financial operations.

US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken confirmed on March 10 that the US will not lift sanctions on Iran until Tehran is fully returned to the 2015 Joint Comprehensive Action Plan.

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